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When is the Best Time to Plant a Yard?

We are fortunate to live in Colorado and Wyoming with its relatively mild spring and fall climate. Anytime from early March to early November provides an ample time to install a new lawn. We recommend that you don’t install your sod when the soil is frozen, for rooting will not occur and the grass is likely to die.

Sod is a perishable product that consists of mature plants which look great when laid down. It is important to note that once the turf is cut from the field, its ability to seek water is limited. It takes a few weeks for the new sod establish roots in the new soil and develop its own ability to find water in the soil profile. Since the roots are trimmed, heat (and extreme cold) is an enemy of new sod so it is best to plant and properly water the grass. This gives the sod the opportunity to place new roots in the soil to re-establish a healthy and drought tolerant lawn.

Soil Preparation

Proper soil preparation prior to installation of the sprinkler system is critical to saving water usage for many years to come. This process will allow water to penetrate deeper into the soil and stay there longer, making for a healthier plant and reduced water application.

When the area is clean of dead material, it is time to prepare the soil for your new sod. This is best done with a rototiller and a stiff metal garden rake (not a flexible leaf rake)

  • Remove rocks and other debris with the garden rake.
  • For best results, add organic soil amendments at a rate of 4-5 yards per 1,000 square feet.
  • Rototill the area 6 to 8 inches deep. Rototillers can be rented at many rental yards and home improvement centers.
  • Install your underground sprinkler system and water settle your trenches.
  • Work the soil, level and smooth with rake.
  • Retail Customers with larger yard areas should compact the soil with a roller. A roller can be rented at many rental yards and home improvement centers. A roller can be used after sod installation to improve contact with the soil. Then, re-rake to correct high and low areas to uniform level of the soil.
  • Final grade should be 1 inch below walkways and driveways.
  • Spread the area with starter fertilizer at rate recommended on the label.

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