Watering New Sod

STEP 5 – Proper watering for new sod

Newly Installed Turfgrass

Lightly sprinkle any completed installed area(s) to prevent drying as soon as possible. After the complete lawn is installed, start to soak your new sodded lawn with three (3) light applications per day, spread out over the morning, day and early evening to keep the roots from drying and for deeper water penetration. Do not over water, for one does not want standing water nor excessive runoff of water. After about a week to ten days, allow the lawn to dry to permit mowing. Mow only with a light mower and mow diagonally to the direction of the seams at height of 2-1/2 to 3 inches. After mowing, re-start irrigation with may be only 2 applications, one early morning and the second mid to late afternoon. After two to three weeks the roots should be relatively established to allow possibly only one application based on the air temperature and any additional rain.

Established Lawns

Your sprinkler system controller should be monitored weekly and adjusted. Always checked for leaks, missing/broken heads and adjusted timing length of application per individual zones. Water should be applied according to local regulations or less depending upon moisture received from rain. New EvapoTranspiration (E/T) Sprinkler controllers with moisture and temperature sensors are an ideal way to apply the correct amount of water. They adjust automatically to daily conditions as well as biweekly to historical data. Overwatering a lawn is one of the most common ways that water is wasted. With proper irrigation, your lawn can maintain its health, appearance, and conserve water.

From time to time in the weeks that follow the installation of new sod, there may be some brown spots or thinning that may need to be addressed. Read our Troubleshooting Guide for information on how to deal with issues common in new lawns.

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