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Greenlawn Sod – Since 1969

About Greenlawn Sod

In 1969, Greenlawn Sod Company was started as one of the first sod farms north of Denver, CO. Today, our family owned, professional agri-business continues the basic values and commitment to ensuring the best possible quality turf and services our farm was founded on. As one of the pioneers in the Colorado turfgrass business, we have met our commitment and continue to strive to offer excellent sod, customer service and support.

Expansion to Washington and California

Greenlawn Sod Co., in conjunction with A-G Sod Farms, Inc. successfully expanded to southern California in the early 1990’s and continues to be one of the largest sod suppliers in the Southwest We also recently expanded into the Pacific Northwest, totalling six farms in turfgrass production.

Drought Tolerant Turf Grasses

Our company understand the benefits of providing the most drought tolerant cool and warm season turfgrasses for the given climatic regions we grow turf. We base our selection of varieties with proven scientific and independent research of TWCA Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance. Our farms provide only those varieties that have been scientifically monitored and are proven to be lower water usage varieties, including Bluegrass, Bluegrass & Perennial Ryegrass, Tall fescue mixture, Fine fescue mixture and Texas Bluegrass.

Our Team

Our executive and operational teams have agronomic degrees and over 180 years of experience. We maintain one goal of providing a quality turfgrass product and meaningful service to our clients. From day one we ensured that each employee on our team focuses on the common goal of satisfaction of our customers. Our delivery drivers are trained to be customer oriented. Plus. they are continuously monitored to meet DOT safety regulations.

Our Equipment

We continually strive to utilize the latest technology to deliver higher quality turfgrass. Our harvesting equipment provides the state of the art, robotic equipment that provides uniform thickness, width and stacking of the sod. Our modern semi-tractors and our delivery trailers are completely covered to keep the turf from drying in transit and designed to fulfil DOT safety regulations.

Professional Associations

  • Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado
  • Better Business Bureau – A+
  • Rocky Mountain Sod Growers
  • Sports Turf Managers Association
  • Turfgrass Producers International
  • Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance

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