Sod Installation

STEP 4 – Installing New Sod

Don’t order the sod until the first three steps have been completed! Ensure the sod is kept moist even during the installation process. Begin to install our sod immediately after delivery. Start laying your sod along a straight edge such as a walkway or driveway. Butt joints tightly together, do not overlap. Stagger joints similar to rows of bricks. Use a sharp knife to cut and shape sod around curves, tress and borders, etc.

Rolling your new sod with a roller will smooth and level your sod and press out air spaces below the sod.

Start watering within 30 minutes even if all the sod isn’t installed yet, to prevent wilting and drying. Never, never let the sod dry out and kill the tender grass roots.

Once your new sod is installed, it will need extra water to ensure the roots take hold.

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