Fine Fescues + Bluegrass

An earth-friendly, turfgrass option using less water and fertilizer. Ecoloturf is a combination of new hybrid fine fescues and bluegrass which are genetically bred for drought tolerance and a beautiful green color. Ideal for “GREEN Building” situations since it requires decreased water, fertilizer and pesticide applications. Ecoloturf has a medium-fine leaf texture, adapts well to shade, tolerates moderate traffic and adapts well to both urban and mountain ecologies.

General Ratings

  • Drought Tolerance
  • Disease Resistance
  • Wear Resistance
  • Shade Tolerance
  • Recovery from Moderate Wear
  • Winter Color
  • Heat Tolerance
These ratings give a general guideline to assist you in choosing the right sod for your needs. For in-depth questions, please contact the farm nearest you (phone numbers shown below).

Maintenance Guide

For the first 20 days, water as needed to keep the topsoil moist to o 3-inch depth. After 20 days, water three or more times o week during worm weather. In cooler weather, water deep, once or twice o week. Sandy soil requires more frequent watering than cloy soil. Slopes and mounds may require more attention due to water run-off. Irrigation may be 30-35 percent less than Bluegrass and Toll fescue.
Apply 7 days after installation and about every two months during the growing season with a SLOW-release fertilizer at full rate as indicated on the bag. Use a 20- l0-5 with 5% Iron. Reduced fertilizer applications assist the ecology!
Mow seven days ofter installation. Mow to o height of 2-1/2 to 3+ inches. Weekly mowing is recommended. Never mow more than one-third of the blade at one time, it may injure the plant.
Ecoloturf is highly resistant to most common diseases that might affect other turfgrass.
After 4 weeks, if needed, one can apply a herbicide for any broadleaf weeds. Contact a garden center if insects ever appear.
Technical Data

 Technical Data

 Common Name



Fine Fescue/Bluegrass Mixture

 Growth Rate

Summer 3/4 to 1 inch per week

 Root Depth

3 to 4-1/2 feet deep depending upon soil type and water application.


 Soils Range

Fair tolerance to saline soil conditions.

 Soil Amendment Recommendations

4.5 cu. Yd/1000 Sq. Ft.

 Temperature Tolerance

0°F. to 110°F.

 pH Range

6.0 to 8.5

 Shade Tolerance

High shade tolerance

 Geographic Range

Plains to Mountain altitudes

 Standards and Measures


8 to 10 sq. ft. per piece

 Big Rolls

500 sq. ft.

 Soil Thickness

1/2 inch +/- 1/8 inch + top growth


1,500 to 2,700 lbs. per pallet

 Seed Rate

10 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.


100% Weed Free Sod
– Grown from Certified Sod Quality seed.


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