Lawn Care & Maintenance

Get the most out of your sod

Best Practices for the Best Sod

Whether your lawn is newly installed or well established, caring for your lawn changes with the seasons and the grass variety. We have complied a number of lawn care articles for your reference.

Let's Talk Fertilization

Generally, it’s a good practice to fertilize newly planted turfgrass on a regular schedule as outlined by turfgrass types. It’s always important; however, to follow the label’s directions based on the product you are using. Fertilizer needs vary by grass type and season.


Spring Maintenance

Spring is the time to start your lawn off to becoming well established and healthy for the Summer months. Here are some guidelines to follow to have a healthy, weed and disease-free lawn. Both bluegrass and tall fescue require the same treatment the first year.


Summer Maintenance

Because of the hotter and dryer weather, we don’t recommend installing new sod during the Summer months. Here are some guidelines for maintaining a healthier lawn during the hotter season


Fall Maintenance

Weather, general soil moisture conditions and local water restrictions may dictate the amount of water applied to turfgrass that was recently planted during these months. One might want to check with your water supplier for any limitations.


Mowing Height

The height at which you mow your lawn not only varies by the turf type of grass you have in your yard, but also can determine how much water is needed to maintain its fullest green color all through the Spring, Summer and early Fall.


Proper Watering

Trying to determine the best way to maximize the water you use to maintain a beautiful lawn in Colorado and Wyoming depends on a variety of factors, like what type of grass you have, what microclimate you live in, what time of year is it, and how you’re mowing the lawn.


Controlling Common Weeds

Eventually weeds will be a problem in every lawn. Keeping your lawn lush and healthy helps eliminate many weeds. If you do get a weed infestation, take quick action. Once a weed population spreads, it is more visible in your yard and harder to eradicate.


Troubleshooting Guide

Seeing brown spots or areas where your lawn is thinning? These issues could be caused by a few different factors. Take a look at our Troubleshooting Guide for more information on how to solve these problems in your lawn.

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