How To Order

Getting the right sod and the right amount

Estimating Quantity

Once your irrigation system has been installed and tested, all soil preparation and any borders installed, it is time to estimate your square footage of turf required for your new lawn.

Estimating the proper amount of quantity of turf to order is quite simple. If one is going to install turf on the complete lawn, the process to estimate the quantity you need is pretty easy:

  • Make a sketch of the yard and divide it into basic rectangles to make your measurements.
  • With a tape measure, measure length and width of each of the rectangle where the lawn will be installed.
  • Multiply the length by width to get a total of square footage for each area.
  • Then, total all areas for total amount of amount required to install the yard. All sod rolls are 2-ft X 5-ft = 10 Sqft. /Roll.

We recommend adding 2%-3% more to your calculation for patching and waste. If there are a lot of curves and angles in the borders where the lawn will go, we recommend adding 4% to 5% over the actual area, for there may be more waste involved in installation.


​If you have more questions, our office staff should be able to answer those questions when you call to order. We recommended ordering several days in advance of the requested day of farm pickup, delivery and or installation. It does take us some time to cut and prepare the sod at the farm.


If desired, our professional drivers will deliver your order on pallets to your yard. Please note, our drivers cannot drive on any adjacent property -or over adjacent greenbelts. Our forklift width requires a minimum of 8-ft. 9 inches to get through gates/fence posts, etc. Please have all sprinkler heads, valves, etc. marked with a minimum of 1-ft. high pins with flags. Delivery forklifts cannot enter garages or other buildings.


​We can provide installation services, if you so desire. Our office staff can provide pricing and assistance with any questions. Please follow our guidelines noted in Soil Preparation and have your sprinkler system completely operational and yard properly raked prior to ordering. Also, please have all sprinkler heads, valves, etc. marked with a minimum of 1-ft. high pins with flags. Plus, your yard should be completely free of dog(s), dog/cat waste. If pallets cannot be properly staged on the complete yard, there will be a hand carry charge into the backyard. For small quantities under 4,000 Sqft., there is a minimum price charge. Installation fee is based on the quantity ordered.

Get A Quote Online

Getting a quote for your sod is easy and convenient. Just let us know how much you need and when you need it. We can even arrange to deliver it right to your work site.